About Us:

Our founding team includes both engineers and businessmen. We have 9 years of experience under our belts in the field of biotechnology device production, and that is why we are extremely
competent in the following:
- Project managing 
- Budget planning 
- Manufacturing process 
- Supply chain and logistics
One of the most common problems that we often see among Kickstarter funded projects is the huge step from creating a prototype to going into mass production. We acknowledged the possibility of this risk, and therefore worked hard to get the right suppliers for manufacturing the needed components for our mass production. We have gone through planning for all of our manufacturing processes, depending on the final amount of orders. By working in the device manufacturing field, we had the opportunity to evaluate and test suppliers and subcontractors. Hence why we now have partners in whose ability to produce and supply us with the needed components on time we are fully confident in, not to mention that they will provide us with a replacement option for every single part.