VISIONARY is about to make eye exercises as easy,

accessible, and memorable as it can get!

The simplest, yet innovative eye muscle training device

  • VISIONARY is a training device that helps to reduce eye strain

  • ​​VISIONARY trains all of eye muscles that are tense during the day

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A built-in smart glass will provide the possibility for the looking-into- the-distance exercise by focusing on the LED light nearby and then onto something far away.

The exercise sequence will train all of the eye muscles.

The whole exercise sequence takes only 2 minutes, and a built-in timer will remind you when to exercise - we recommend every 2 hours.

Keeping your eyes in great shape has never been so easy!

VISIONARY works by utilizing a special sequence of flashing LED lights, which we have put together with the help of leading ophthalmologists.

All you need to do is to follow the moving dot - it is really as easy as that​!